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This shop is also known as “Second Impression Art.”

Everything on this site is available to order. Find order information at the end. Thank you for your support!

TV & Movie

R2D2 & C3PO at the Beach (Star Wars)
Death Star by the Sea (Star Wars)
Darth Vader & Death Star (Star Wars)
Stormtrooper in Paris (Star Trek)
Boba Fett at a Port (Star Wars)
Enterprise Sighted (Star Trek)
Chewbaca and Leia in Wheat Fields (Star Wars)
Han Solo & Millenium Falcon (Star Wars)
The Mandalorian and the Child (The Mandalorian)

Anime & Cartoon

Catbus Napping (My Neighbor Totoro)
Haku by the River (Spirited Away)
Appa (Avatar the Last Airbender)
Forest Guardians (My Neighbor Totoro)
No Face at the Beach (Spirited Away)
Zero at the Beach (Code Geass)
Jerry and the Lodger (Tom and Jerry)
Kiki On a Cloudy Day (Kiki's Delivery Service)
Totoro Crossing (My Neighbor Totoro)

Video Games

Kanto Starter Forest (Pokémon)
King Graham and Cedric (King's Quest)
Isabelle's Seaside Stay (Animal Crossing)
Wooper Among Water Lilies (Pokémon)
Pikachu's Apple (Pokémon)
Link at the Palace (Legend of Zelda)
Bots at the Park (Among Us)


Alice and White Rabbit
Alice and Cheshire Cat
Lilo, Stitch & the Boats
Aladdin and Jasmine
Anna and Elsa 2
Belle in Livadia
Ariel by the Sea
Ariel and the Storm
Anna and Elsa 1


The Ghost and The Bathers (#ghostchallenge)
Letter in the Garden
Letters in the Wind

Order Information


All prints are made after you place an order. To order, email me specifying which piece(s) and size(s) you'd like. I follow up within 1-2 days about shipping and payment.

Select pieces are also available as canvas prints, phone cases and more.

    Print Sizes:
  • 4"x6": Satin print, small ($20)
  • 8"x10": Satin print, medium ($25)
  • 12"x18": Satin print, large ($30)
  • 18"x24": Poster print ($45)
  • 24"x36": Poster print ($60)
  • Postcard pack: $24/10, $40/30, $60/60 cards
    Mix and match - specify which prints & how many of each

Custom Orders

If you'd like to see a certain character in a certain artwork or setting, I do take custom requests! Shoot me a message describing your idea.

For example: "I want my cat in a Monet garden painting."

Other helpful info might include size and dimensions, reference photos, and your max budget. Feel free to be vague; I will work with you on the details!